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The Group

Group is a dynamic industrial group specializing in production of sliding bearings.

Set up in 1986, the group carried out an intensive research programme, which, combined with considerable investments, have enabled it to develop the state-of-the-art technologies currently adopted on the production lines. The company started the production and wide-scale marketing of its products in 1990 and since then, the products have achieved rapid success on all the principal markets worldwide.

Our customers cover the whole of the mechanical industry with applications that vary from heavy machinery and equipment to components for the hydraulic sector and the smallest of parts for the electromechanical industry. In brief, our products can be used wherever there is rotary or translatory movement between mechanical parts.

The wide range of sliding bearings includes maintenance-free components as well as products for lubricated applications. Products available vary from simple cylindrical or flanged bearings to thrust washers, strips and special parts. All the ranges of our production are meeting with growing popularity due to their technical features and competitive prices. Moreover, another important factor that has determined their success is the wide range of standard items that is always available from stock.